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Hip Revision Instruments

This novel set of attachments is designed for efficient stem and acetabular implant removal.  The instruments provide options to both break cement interfaces and cut through in-growth along the implant contour for easy removal.  The time for makeshift osteotomes is over.

3-Tray Instrument System

Knee Revision Instruments

Knee revisions often present challenges due to limited access.  By optimizing the blade profile and femoral / tibial implant mating features, surgeons are able to revise knee implants faster with less bone loss and frustration.

Auxiliary Instruments

When significant impact loads are required, the eXodus slap hammer is uniquely designed to maximize extraction forces.  The set includes custom attachments that work with the hip and knee sets.

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Multiple options for each action.

Impaction and retraction.

Reduced footprint solution.

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